Maxis SafeDevice

The best mobile protection for your smartphone.
Get FREE 3 months protection with every device purchase.

What is Maxis SafeDevice?

Maxis SafeDevice provides replacement for your mobile device protecting against
certain types of damage that aren’t covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
(E.g. attended theft, accidental liquid or physical damage).

Comprehensive coverage

Phone drops, screens crack, coffee spills. Accidents can happen every day. So, we've got you protected on any device you purchase from Maxis.

1-to-1 device replacement 

Don't wait for repairs. Pay only a small fee to get your damaged device 1-to-1 replaced.

Low monthly fees

Get full protection from all kinds of mishaps (damage & theft) from as low as RM0.20 a day.

Find out your monthly mobile protection premium below

Maxis SafeDevice will protect you from all kinds of mishaps (eg. damage and theft). Monthly payments start from as low as RM6, allowing you to replace your device for far less than the retail price. 



Filing your claims with Maxis is easy

Follow this step-by-step process on how to submit your device for protection claims.

Step 1

Call SafeDevice support on

Step 2

We'll take you through a quick and easy process to find out what your service fee is.

Step 3

Your replacement device is delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the type of risk that is covered under Maxis SafeDevice?

Maxis SafeDevice program, is covered with 4 type of risk, which are:
i) Attended Theft
ii) Accidental damage
iii) Mechanical & electrical malfunction
iv) Unauthorized usage up to RM500

How do I subscribe to Maxis SafeDevice?
We have 2 ways that you may subscribe to this service:
i) Maxis center (upon signing up with device)
ii) Customer service (before 10 days, of signing up your new device)

Who can sign up with Maxis SafeDevice?
All of the consumer can sign up with Maxis SafeDevice if they meet the criteria:
i) You must be an existing Maxis postpaid customer;
ii) You must subscribe to the protection within 10 days for any new device that you have purchased from Maxis; and
iii) Your device must not be lost or stolen and must be in good working condition when you subscribe the protection plan.

Does this service come along with a contract? If yes, what's the duration?
No. This service doesn't comes along with a contract.

Click here to read full terms and conditions.