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Find out if you’re eligible for  Zerolution

Are you an existing Maxis customer?
You need to have a good payment record over at least 3 months to be eligible.

Currently signed up with another telco?
You may port-in your existing number (and show us 3 months of previous bills exceeding RM80), or sign up for a new Maxis postpaid plan and maintain a good payment record for at least 3 months.

Are you a Hotlink user?
You must first sign up for a Maxis postpaid plan and maintain a good payment record for at least 3 months.

Not eligible? No worries, we've got your back. Click here to find out more about Normal Contract.


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Normal Contract
Phone Ownership Type
Zero Upfront Payment, Credit Card & Interest Rate
icon-check.png icon-check.png
Monthly Installment
icon-check.png icon-check.png icon-x.png
Yearly Phone Upgrade icon-check.png icon-x.png icon-x.png

Basic Coverage

Normal Contract
     Phone Ownership Type       
Lease Own Own
1-for-1 Immediate Replacement
icon-check.png icon-x.png*
Pickup & Delivery Services
icon-check.png icon-x.png*

Premium Benefits (+RM10/mth)

Normal Contract
       Phone Ownership Type        Lease Own Own
Free Screen Replacement
icon-check.png icon-x.png icon-x.png
Backup Loan Phone
icon-check.png icon-x.png icon-x.png
Priority Repair Service
icon-check.png icon-x.png icon-x.png

 *Available with subscription to Maxis SafeDevice.  
 *Applicable for Android phones only.
 All coverage services mentioned are subjected to a service fee.
 Please refer to FAQ for full details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I sign up for Zerolution?
You can walk in to any Maxis store to sign up for Zerolution.

What is the difference between Zerolution and a normal contract?
Zerolution allows the device to be paid for in monthly instalments while a device payment is collected upfront for normal contracts. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more details.

Why Maxis does not offer Zerolution Annual Upgrade anymore?
Annual upgrades are offered on a promotional basis. This offer is currently not available.

If I am a Zerolution customer who is currently enrolled in the annual upgrade, can I still proceed to upgrade my device after 1 year now?
Yes, you may upgrade upon reaching your upgrade anniversary. When you do, your new Zerolution contract will begin but with no annual upgrade offer. Hence you will not be able to upgrade after 12 months of the new Zerolution contract.

Since Zerolution Annual Upgrade is no longer available, is there any other program where I can continue to change my phone after 1 year?
Currently, there isn’t any program under Maxis that offers annual upgrade.

Can I sign up for SafeDevice for my device without the Annual Upgrade?
Yes, SafeDevice is available for customers who take up a device under Zerolution and a normal contract

Click here to read full terms and conditions.