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MaxisONE Club PayDay

Celebrate pay day with exclusive deals and discounts on Lazada! Don’t forget to check back on the 28th-30th of each month for new offers.

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For those who appreciate the finer things in life, enjoy delights from BMW, Expedia, Four Points and many more.

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How to be a part of MaxisONE Club.

Sign up for MaxisONE Plan 128 & above and you’ll automatically become a member.

How to check if you’re a MaxisONE Club member.

Method 1
Download MyMaxis App and check your account information.

Method 2
Text “GET MOC” to 28800 on your Maxis mobile.

If you’re not a MaxisONE Club Member, kindly refer to the FAQs for membership eligibility criteria.

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First Class Perks for Elite Members

Maxis Accessories Savings
Enjoy up to 20% savings on device accessories*
* This privilege is also open to MaxisONE Club members.

First Class Service
An Elite member's calls are given priority and is managed by our dedicated customer care consultants. Just dial 123 on your Maxis mobile or +603-7492 2123 if you're abroad.

Fast Track Lane
Skip the queue and enjoy a shorter waiting time when you visit our selected Maxis Centres.

Enjoy fast doorstep delivery of SIM card replacement for faulty SIM or when you lost your phone.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MaxisONE CLUB?

MaxisONE CLUB is a reward and recognition programme that offers exclusive privileges to our valued customers. There are two membership tiers – Elite and Select. The privileges will be based on the membership tier offered to any one Member. Cutomers are invited into the program upon meering the stated criteria.

Who is eligible for the membership of MaxisONE CLUB?

Sign-up a MaxisONE Plan 128 and above and get instant upgrade to MaxisONE CLUB Select membership. Membership is activated in 5 working days from plan sign-up, with a SMS notification.

Customers on other postpaid mobile plans can get admission into MaxisONE CLUB when the following criteria are met:

1. Spend a minimum of RM150* per month over a period of 3 consecutive months for upgrade to MaxisONE CLUB Select.

2. Spend a minimum of RM500* per month over a period of 3 consecutive months for upgrade to MaxisONE CLUB Elite.

3. Does not have any outstanding bills.

*Monthly spend includes billing for postpaid mobile, broadband and home internet services.

How long is the membership?

Membership is valid for a period of 6 months from the month of enrolment and renewal.

What is the criteria for renewal of the MaxisONE CLUB membership?

Maxis postpaid mobile customers who meet the following criteria at the point of membership renewal:

  • Customers on MaxisONE Plan 128 and above.
  • Customers on other postpaid mobile plans:
    • Spend a minimum of RM150* per month over a period of 6 consecutive months for renewal of MaxisONE CLUB Select membership.
    • Spend a minimum of RM500* per month over a period of 6 consecutive months for renewal of MaxisONE CLUB Elite membership.
    • Does not have any outstanding bills.

*Monthly spend includes billing for postpaid mobile, broadband and home internet services.

How would I know if I am a MaxisONE CLUB member?

We’ll directly communicate with eligible customers via SMS and/or email. For more information and latest updates on members’ privileges, visit our website at maxis.com.my/moc. You can also download MyMaxis App, login and go to Account Information to view your membership status.

Do I have to apply for membership?

MaxisONE CLUB membership is extended to eligible customers at the discretion of Maxis and is not open for application.

Is my membership renewed automatically after the expiry date?

Membership  will be auot renewed if the eligibility criteria are met. Membership will cease when your Maxis account is suspended, disconnected, terminated or if the membership criteria is not met.

Is there a membership fee?

There is none, as membership is free.

Is my MaxisONE CLUB card transferable to my family members and friends?

It is not. MaxisONE CLUB membership privileges are reserved for invited Maxis customers only.

I have a supplementary line. Will my supplementary line user enjoy the same benefits as I do?

The following benefits can be enjoyed by your supplementary lines:

  • MaxisONE Club Cashback
  • MaxisONE Club PayDay
  • Exclusive Deals on MyMaxis App.

All other MaxisONE Club benefits are reserved for invited principal Maxis customers only.

What is MaxisONE Club PayDay?

MaxisONE Club PayDay is a sale period (28th-30th of every month), where all Maxis customers will get to enjoy an additional 10% discount (15% for MaxisONE Club members) on all items on Lazada.

How much additional discount does MaxisONE Club members and normal customers get for MaxisONE Club PayDay?

MaxisONE Club members get to enjoy up to 15% discount while normal customers get to enjoy up to 10% discount. Maximum discount for both 15% off & 10% off is capped at RM30.

Does the discount cover everything sold on Lazada?

Yes, all items on Lazada are eligible for the discount during MaxisONE Club PayDay period. However, the discount is not valid in conjunction with any other vouchers, offers or promotions, and product exclusion may apply.

Where is RM 1 Flash Deals, it used to be part of MaxisONE Club PayDay but I cannot find it anymore?

The RM 1 Flash Deals for MaxisONE Club PayDay has ended as of January 2018. However, you can still opt to enjoy the additional discount deals (15% off for MaxisONE Club members & 10% off for all Maxis customers) during MaxisONE Club PayDay period.

Will there be more RM1 Flash Deals in the future/upcoming months?

No. Maxis will make an announcement should there be another special offer/campaign via MyMaxis App and relevant marketing communications.

Can I share my app voucher code with others?

No. The discount is only for you and it is non-transferable or exchangeable for cash. Any multiple usage of app voucher code across multiple transactions and/or elements of fraud will lead to cancellation of the order without prior notification from Lazada.

I tried to purchase something but after entering the code, I received an error message/I couldn’t proceed to buy the item?

Please double check the app voucher code that you have keyed in on Lazada checkout page with the code on your MyMaxis App. If the problem still persists, please dial 123 from your mobile & our customer care agent will assist you.

How do I enjoy the benefits from MaxisONE Club PayDay?

Download the deals from MyMaxis app to get the app voucher code. Enter the app voucher code on Lazada checkout page to enjoy the discount (15% off for MaxisONE Club members & 10% off for all Maxis customers).

Are there any other sites beside Lazada that I can enjoy MaxisONE Club PayDay?

No for now. Is only available on Lazada during MaxisONE Club PayDay period.

Am I eligible for Cashback via Shopback when I shop during MaxisONE Club PayDay?

Yes, as long as you log in to Lazada via Shopback.

What is MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals are deals specially reserved for MaxisONE Club members only, which covers a selection of well-known premium brands.

Where can I find MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

Navigate to Maxis Deals in the MyMaxis app and click on the MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals.

Are MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals only available through MyMaxis app?

Yes, they are only available via the MyMaxis app.

Who can redeem MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

Only MaxisONE Club members can view and redeem the deals.

How do I redeem MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

The redemption process is the same as normal deals. 

Where and how are downloaded deals stored for MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

The downloaded deals are stored in the MyMaxis app and can be accessed anytime before the expiry date.

I am a MaxisONE Club member, are my supplementary lines eligible for MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals?

Yes, as long as they have they have a MyMaxis account and have the MyMaxis app downloaded.

Some of the deals are for both MOC members and normal customers – what is the difference?

MaxisONE Club Exclusive Deals offer customers additional value/savings compared to the normal deals.

Why is MaxisONE Club not visible in my MyMaxis Deals?

The deals are only available for MaxisONE Club Select and Elite members.

Can I share my deals with others?

Unfortunately, the deal is non-transferable, hence it can’t be shared with others.

What are the benefits of an Elite member?

Priority Services

Priority access to our Customer Care Helpline: Call 123 via Maxis mobile or +603-7492 2123 (overseas);

Priority queue at selected Maxis Centres;

Fast, doorstep delivery of SIM card replacement: Call 123 via Maxis mobile or +603-7492 2123 (overseas)

What are the additional benefits for MaxisONE CLUB Elite and Select members?

Special Phone Privilege for Elite members

As an Elite member, your annual upgrade fee on Maxis Zerolution will be waved for selected devices. 

We’ll keep you up to date with the latest offers via our website, SMS and email.

Savings on Device Accessories

As a MaxisONE Club member, you’ll also enjoy up to 20% savings on device accessories when you purchase a new phone on Maxis Zerolution and contract plans.

The offer is applicable for device accessories purchased outright at Maxis Centres.   

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Terms and Conditions

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