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P/S:Your friends will receive an email from Maxis within 10 days. In the meantime, do call your friends and let them know about this Refer Friends campaign where you both can get rewarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does my friend (the Referee) perform the switch over if he/she is interested?

Your friend (the Referee) can walk-in to any Maxis Store, or call 1800-82-8800 and quote “Member-Get-Member Program” before signing up for a MaxisONE Plan. They would need to provide your (the Referrer’s) Maxis phone number and name to be eligible for the program.

Are port in MaxisONE Prime/MaxisONE 4G Combo customers eligible for the MGM rebate?

The Referrer is eligible for the MGM rebate upon successful port in (of the Referee), but the Referee who ports in & signs up for MaxisONE Prime/MaxisONE 4G Combo will not be eligible for the rebate.

I am on MaxisONE Plan 188, can I port my OLO line into MaxisONE Share and enjoy both Referrer & Referee rebates?

No, this is not allowed if the number falls under the same account holder.

What does 1 month bill FREE mean?

This will depend on the rate plan that the referee is on. For example, if the referee is on MaxisONE Plan 158, he will get a bill rebate of RM158 divided equally across 2 months (RM79 rebate in their 2nd & 3rd month bill cycle each).