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We feature real-life experiences of how Enterprise SMS Tool helps keep partners close, and customers closer.

“Enterprise SMS is a more efficient way to communicate and update 130,000 members on promotions, new product launches and more.”

Md. Yusof Bin Hasan
Marketing Director
Bumi Intan Maju Sdn Bhd

Nature of

Bumi Intan Maju Sdn Bhd is involved in the Direct Selling trade under the "Rorine" brand name with 300 stockists nationwide (including Sabah and Sarawak). They are also a manufacturer and distributor of high quality leather goods, household products and bed spreads.


Application of Enterprise SMS

Bumi Intan Maju uses Enterprise SMS to broadcast marketing messages, latest promotions and event invitations to dealers. The company also uses this speedy and easy method of communication to send out messages to 130,000 members every 2-3 weeks whenever there is a new product launch.

& Benefits

Win-win convenience: Enterprise SMS benefits both parties. The sender can send out messages anytime, and recipients are able to receive and act on the message almost instantly.

Better response: Feedback from dealers and customers are received almost immediately through SMS, thus generating a healthier response to sales activities, new product launches and others.

Total control: The company enjoys the flexibility of running their programmes at their own pace and capacity.