Why Maxis

With the nation’s most advanced network and communications solutions integrated from the ground up, we are primed for your business.

It just works

A few good reasons to choose us as your telecommunications provider.

Integrated solutions

Maxis is the only communications provider in Malaysia to offer both fixed and mobile solutions. This means that our solutions are integrated from the ground up.

From mobile voice and wireless internet to specialised solutions such as cloud computing and femtocell technology, our extensive range of both fixed and mobile solutions can be catered to your specific needs, without the trouble of making sure it all works together.

The widest network

Maxis has the widest and fastest 2G, 3G, and now 4G coverage in Malaysia, we also have the largest roaming network, coupled with the nation’s largest base of 14 million subscribers, this means cheaper call rates for more people.

The latest technology

We believe that the best in technology and telecommunications is key in driving Malaysia forward. In 2005, we were the first carrier to offer 3G services to Malaysians. In 2007, we offered our customers the original Apple iPhone before anyone else.

In 2012, we were the first to receive Tier III certification for our Maxis Data Centre in Shah Alam, ensuring that Malaysian companies get the best value and world-class services right here in our own country.


We are proud that our range of services benefit a wide variety of businesses, from a small wedding boutique to our nation’s cutting-edge Formula One track.

To see how Maxis can help with your business, take a look at what others are saying about our Business Services.