How does it benefit my business?

The new Maxis Built for SME Solutions is made for you to make your retail business better. Not just through our value-for-money call plans, but also the wide range of solutions for SMEs of any scale.

Read on to learn how we can help you spend less time in the back-end of business, so that you can spend more time marching your business forward.

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The fastest Fibre Internet Solution for your premises

We offer a range of packages to accommodate any type of usage, from 4Mbps to 32Mbps – the fastest available broadband internet speed in Malaysia. And that’s not all.

Each package includes :

  1. Free devices to enhance your business fibre experience such as a premise gateway that enables WLAN connection for your premises.

  2. Free calls within the same company.

Monitor your business around the clock

With reliable CCTV cameras connected via our high-speed Business Fibre Internet, you’ll get a clear view of what’s happening at your retail outlets in an instant.

Keep your business running with the lowest capital expenditure

Available at a rate exclusive to us, the retail SaaS is all you need to run back-end and business processes smoothly.

Just how much can you benefit from this service ?

Here are a few examples :

  • Lower capital expenditure

  • Faster installation time

  • POS/ERP solutions support from one of the most reputable providers in Malaysia

Save more on call costs and line rental on your business phone

Our fixed and mobile line solutions ensure you stay connected to your staff and customers at affordable rates.

Business Voice Enhanced (BVE)

Free business calls from your fixed line via Internet access.

Get cheaper calls to other fixed lines as well as free calls to other Maxis Business Voice Enhanced (BVE) lines. With our new softphone app, you can also decide when and how to make and receive calls. Whichever you need, our all-in-one voice system will provide.

Business Mobile Plans

It’s the complete business mobile plan for all your company’s needs.

Our services are all about value and keeping you connected when you’re on-the-go. Which is why in addition to giving you free calls to other Maxis mobiles, we offer the latest devices in the market at great deals.

Business Community Call*

It’s the complete business mobile plan for all your company’s needs.

Introducing a new value-added service for business plans – Business Community call, it lowers your monthly phone bill with up to 38 hours of free calls from Maxis BVE lines to Maxis Business mobiles, and vice versa.

*Applicable when you subscribe to both Business Voice Enhanced and Business Mobile Voice Plans.