Enjoy free

3 months on

Maxis Zerolution

Let's celebrate your first smartphone with Maxis.
Enjoy these benefits when you get it on Zerolution.

Free 3 months

Limited time offer of free 3 months Zerolution installment for your brand new smartphone.

Zero upfront payment
& credit card

Bring home your new smartphone without any upfront payment or the need for credit card.

Wide range of

Choose any* smartphone of your choice on Zerolution that fits your need and budget.

* all Android and iPhone 7 Plus.

Free 3 months
Maxis SafeDevice

Enjoy free comprehensive phone coverage with protection against damages & thefts.

Here are few best selling smartphones to choose from


Samsung Galaxy Note10

Huawei Nova 5T

Huawei P30 Pro

Black Shark 2 Pro

Visit a Maxis store near you to see the full range of
phones on this promotion.

It’s easy to be eligible for free 3 months Zerolution

Are you an existing Maxis customer?
You are eligible for this promo if this is your first device contract with Maxis.

Currently with another telco or using prepaid?
Walk in to any maxis store to check your eligibility and you can instantly sign up for this promo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this offer about?
We are offering 3 months FREE Zerolution installment for eligible customers whose lines were not contracted before.  

Who is eligible for this offer?
To enjoy this offer, the owner and line contracted must meet the following criteria:-

  • Owner must meet the device contracting and Zerolution criteria;
  • The line is new or existing mobile line which has never contracted before;
  • If the line is a supplementary line or share line, it must be upgraded to principal rateplan and sign up Zerolution;
  • The line can be a newly ported in line which also meet the criteria above; and
  • Sign up for Zerolution within the promotion period.

How do I enjoy this offer?
Visit your nearest Maxis Store to find out our latest device offer, check your eligibility and sign up for device with Zerolution if you are eligible.

What happens if I decide not to continue & terminate my Zerolution contract before its expiry?
Should you choose not to serve the full contract period, the remaining balance for your device will be charged. The device remaining balance is calculated as follows: [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) ÷ 24 months] x Remaining month(s)].

Click here to read full terms and conditions.