You might be experiencing poor signal coverage (your RSSI light is blinking or is not lit).

Make sure:

  • Your antenna is tightened properly and is in an upright position.
  • Nothing is blocking the modem or if it is placed near any electrical device which could cause interference.
  • Your modem is placed near a window.

Poor Signal Coverage.

You must be within the Maxis 3G/HSDPA service area to receive a High Speed Internet Access (HSDPA/UMTS) signal.

It is possible to be within the coverage area but not be able to receive a signal due to:

  • Unusual geography - uneven terrain or high-rise buildings
  • Indoor building structure (it is therefore highly advisable to place the modem near the window)

The service is NOT RECOMMENDED to be used at premises higher than 5 floors.

Still getting disconnected?

Please call our Maxis Broadband Customer Service Hotline at 1 800 82 2000.