A) General
1. Can I clean my modem? 2. What other parts come in the box with my Modem? 3. Can I use my own Ethernet cable? 4. Do I need to configure my modem? 5. What does the LED indicators on my modem mean? 6. Why isn't my modem working after I insert the SIM card? 7. How do I make a voice call? 8. How do I answer a call?
B) Internet Related Problems
9. I cannot access the Internet at all. 10. Why can't I access certain pages? 11. Why is the download or/and upload speed so slow? 12. GMail Access Issues
C) Voice Related Problems 13. There is No Dial Tone as soon as I lift the phone off the hook 14. There is a prompt/phone alert/announcement as soon as I lift the phone off the hook 15. There is a prompt/phone alert/announcement as soon as I dial the last digit 16. The line is noisy/distorted when I lift the phone off the hook 17. Why do I hear a fast engaged tone (Toot…Toot…Toot) as soon as I lift the phone off the hook? 18. After dialing the last digit I hear nothing/silence? 19. When I get a phone call I can't see the caller's ID/number? 20. Why can't I access my Voice Mail? 21. When my friends call and I am busy the call doesn't go to voicemail? 22. Why can't I make or receive a call when I am surfing on the net? 23. How come when I am on the phone and there is an incoming call there is no indicator to allow me to pick up the next call? 24. I cannot use my dect phone or the phone I purchased 25. I cannot initiate a conference call to others? 26. I cannot forward my calls to another number? 27. I cannot activate/deactivate some services (ex. Caller ringtone, USSD Code, etc?)
D) Safety and Security 28. My computer is running very slowly and keeps rebooting. Why does this happen? 29. My anti-virus software won't update since I installed the Maxis Broadband modem. Why? 30. I get pop-up windows inviting me to visit websites. Why am I getting these pop-ups and what I can do about them?
E) Others
31. Why is the RSSI signal indicator always blinking/has no light?