Account Summary

How do I read the Account Summary?

  1. This is the amount you paid last month. Thank you for your
    prompt payment.
  2. Monthly Charges are your commitment fee and other recurring
    monthly fees for each of your Maxis lines.
  3. Charges for any Value Added Services that you have subscribed to.
  4. Total combination of your voice, SMS and data charges.
  5. A list of non recurring other Charges such as unbarring fees and
    goodwill waiver. This can be included according to lines or account
    as a whole.
  6. The 6% Government Tax based on charges and Value Added
    Services charged to the account.
  7. Your discounts and rebates for your individual line.
  8. Your total charges for each of your individual line.
  9. Discounts and rebates applicable to your account.
  10. Total Current Charges is indicated here. This is the total amount of
    your Monthly Charges, VAS, Usage Charges, Discounts and
    Rebates and Service Tax. The total sum of items in (i) should
    add up to the same as the total sum of items in (ii).
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