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Activate your favourite services directly from your mobile phone! It's a self-serve, convenient new feature that allows you to access services such as Caller Ringtones, Roam *120* and more through your EasyMenu. It's that easy.

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Call Forwarding

Forward your calls to another mobile, fixed line or your voicemail when you are unable to answer your calls.

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Call Waiting

When you're on the line, Call Waiting notifies you of any incoming calls. You can choose to take the call, ignore it or reject it.

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Call-Me-Back *126*

Call-Me-Back *126* is an exclusive service for Maxis subscribers. If your line has been barred or you're out of credit, you can send an SMS to other Maxis or Hotlink subscribers asking them to call you back. Best of all, it's totally free-of-charge!

Dial *126* followed by the recipient's phone number, i.e. *126* 012XXXXXXX#

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Receive voice messages with three new features, which are Missed Call Notification, Voicemail Outcall and Return Call via Voicemail when you can't answer the phone.

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Home Call Forwarding

Let us help you handle all your calls with our call management services.

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Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)

You can see the number of an incoming call, and choose whether or not to answer it.

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Caller Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

Caller Line Identification Restriction lets you control the display of your Maxis mobile number when calling another Maxis number. In other words, you can choose whether or not to reveal your identity to the person you're calling.

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Itemised & Summarised Billing

Your monthly bill will show a detailed listing of call charges.

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