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Why upgrade your family to MaxisONE Prime?

Endless High-Speed Data, Calls & SMS
Up to 5 mobile lines

Zero downtime high-speed fibre
No.1 4G wireless backup

Latest Home & Mobile devices
Zero upfront payment

One Maxperts team
For everything internet

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Each additional line is only RM48/mth


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MaxisONE Prime
Line(s) 1
Home Fibre Speed 30 Mbps
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s new with MaxisONE Prime and why should I be interested?

MaxisONE Prime offers a single worry-free plan for all your family Home and Mobile internet needs.

You and your whole family get to enjoy:

  • ENDLESS DATA for your home and Mobile on Malaysia’s best 4G and Fibre network.
  • UNINTERRUPTED HOME INTERNET - Your Home Fibre now comes with a 4G Backup that will automatically turn on whenever your Home Fibre is interrupted.
  • LATEST mobile phones and home connected devices at RM0 upfront payment and pay for your devices over 24 monthly payments at 0% interest.

Am I eligible to sign up for the Plan?

All Consumer Individuals, Corporate Individuals and SMEs would be able to sign up for the plan.

How much do I have to pay to sign up for the Plan?

The Plan varies according to family sizes and the devices that you choose. Use our online calculator here to find out how much you would need to pay for the plan.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Only If you do not have an existing mobile line with Maxis! If you don’t, you would have to pay an upfront payment of RM188.

For Non-Malaysians, you would have to pay RM500 per service.

How can I sign up for the plan?

You can register for our services at any Maxis Centre or Maxis Exclusive Partner (MEP) outlets.

If I have an existing device contract, can I sign up for the plan?

Yes. Your existing device contracts will be carried over to the new MaxisONE Prime Plan. There would be no penalty charges for existing device contracts.

If I have an existing device contract, can I sign up for new devices?

Yes. However, if you are under an existing Phone contract, you can only buy devices from other non-mobile genres (Home Devices)

How do I get home devices (TV, Playstation and Soundbar) delivered to my home?

You can choose to have Maxis arrange delivery for you when you sign up for the plan or walk into our appointed retailers to arrange for delivery.

Would Maxis install home devices for me?

Our appointed retailers cover basic installations (such as ensuring the TV can be turned on) will be done by device installers. Additional installations such as mounting will need to be arranged with appointed retailers.

Terms and Conditions

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