No more slow Internet connection

Enjoy fibre-like speeds even when there's no fibre in your area. Load pages in a matter of seconds. Stream videos with no buffering. Everything is seamless when you’re on the Maxis 4G Home Broadband – where you and your family can enjoy ultrafast speeds up to 30 Mbps. And when your residential area is within our fibre broadband coverage, you even enjoy free upgrade to fibre and the first two months of your Maxis fibre bill free!

Sign up now for the MaxisONE plan exclusive package at only RM128/mth for 20GB!

Key features

Ultra fast speeds

Up to 30Mbps.

Best for home

Connect 32 devices up to 165ft.

Zero Upfront

No deposit or registration fee. Free modem.

Free upgrade to fibre

First 2 months fibre free.

Monthly Fee RM 128 (Exclusively for MaxisONE Plan customers)
RM198(Normal price)
Data Quota *20GB (All-day Usage + 20GB of LTE Data)
(Limited time only)
Modem Free 4G LTE modem
Voice Calls 10sen/min (30 sec block to all local networks)
Upfront Payment None
Activation Fees None
Quota Top-up RM25 for 3GB

  • The base quota of 20GB can be used at any time of the day (all day weekdays and weekends) on all networks (3G & 4G-LTE).
  • The additional 20GB is only for 4G-LTE data (all day weekdays and weekends) to be used in 4G-LTE areas and will be available for all new subscribers throughout their 24 month contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this new FWBB bundle with MOP?

This is the new Maxis 4G Home Broadband (M4HB) offer for Maxis OnePlan (MOP) customers. This product was formally known as Fixed Wireless Broadband (FWBB).

What is the benefit of this Offer?

MOP customers who subscribe to the new M4HB 20GB package will enjoy a RM70 perpetual discount per month and receive an additional 20GB data on 4G-LTE only.

What are the criteria to enjoy this Offer?

The criteria are:

  • Customer must subscribe to MOP or MOS 98 and above.
  • The MOP must remain active in order to continue enjoying this Offer.
  • BOTH the M4HB and MOP account must be registered under the same customer.
  • Applicable to MOP principal line holders only.
  • Not eligible if the customer line is being suspended.
How long is the contract period for this Offer?

This Offer comes with a 24 months contract period.

What is this additional 20GB data and how do I use it?

The additional 20GB data is for usage in 4G-LTE areas only. If you’re in a non-4G-LTE area, your base quota of 20GB will be depleted instead.

I am currently a subscriber of Maxis FWBB, can I still enjoy this Offer?

Yes you can sign up for this Offer at the nearest Maxis Centre, provided you meet all the criteria. A new 24 months contract will be imposed. This will trigger a termination of your current FWBB plan and you will need to register for the new M4HB bundle. Any penalties imposed on your current FWBB contract will be waived.

After I have signed up for this Offer, can I still change the package?

No. Once you are a subscriber on this new package, you cannot change or downgrade your package.

What if I terminate the service prior to the 24 months expiry period?

You will need to pay Maxis RM500 for early termination.

How long is the warranty period for my new M4HB LTE modem?

Your new M4HB LTE modem will come with a 24 month warranty.

How many devices can I concurrently connect to my M4HB LTE modem?

You can connect up to 32 devices concurrently but your internet experience will affected as the bandwidth will be shared based on the number of devices connected at that point in time.

What are the download speeds of this B315s-22 device?

The device is up to 150Mbps but varies based on your location, LTE strength and capabilities, distance to base station and number of users among other parameters.

Is there a telephone port on the B315s-22 device?

Yes, there is one telephone port (RJ11) for you to connect to the DECT phone.

Can I buy the M4HB (B315s-22) device only?

Sorry, we do not sell the devices without plan subscription.

How much do I need to pay at the point of new registration?

The device comes FREE with the 20GB plan + the additional 20GB 4G-LTE data at RM128 for MOP or MOS 98 and above customers. No other charges applicable.

Is there any penalty charge?

Yes, RM500 if the service is terminated within 24 months.

Is there a minimum duration in which I have to remain a M4HB customer before. converting to Maxis FTTH?

Yes, 3 months minimum. The penalty of RM500 applies if conversion is done between 0 to 3 months of the stipulated contract.

What happens to the B315s-22 modem if I terminate the contract after 24 months or when I convert to Maxis FTTH after 3 months?

You can keep the B315s-22 modem.

Can I upgrade/downgrade to another package?

You are allowed to upgrade from an existing (old) FWBB package/plan to the new M4HB 20GB bundle free of charge via MCs or MEPs but you are not allowed to downgrade from the new M4HB bundle to the old FWBB plans.

Will I be getting a bill for this M4HB service?

Yes. Your internet and voice charges will be accumulated with your MOP/MOS bill in a consolidated bill.

What happens to my internet speed when I surpass my quota?

You will be throttled at 128kbps (basic internet speed).

Is there a quota if I’m on the basic internet speed?

There is no quota applicable if you’re on the 128kbps basic internet.

What is the price for this new M4HB package?

This new M4HB package is priced at RM198 for standalone and RM128 for MOP or MOS 98 and above subscribers.

Can I top up my quota when I’ve exhausted my 20GB + the additional 20GB 4G-LTE only data?

Yes you can top up your quota at 3GB for RM25.

Is there a validity period for my quota top ups?

Yes each top up will have a 30 day validity period.

Terms and Conditions

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