Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

RRP RM2,168.87*
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Get it from as low as RM42/mth with Maxis Zerolution or as low as RM0/month when you trade in your smartphone.

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RM42 /mth

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Pay for your phone over 24 months together with your phone bill.

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RM44 /mth

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Join our annual upgrade programme and upgrade to a new phone every year. Return your old phone in good working condition after 12 months and get a new phone on Zerolution.

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Protect your phone from screen cracks, accidental damage and theft to ensure you can upgrade to a new phone.

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RM109 /mth

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Turn Up the Experience

Turn Up the Experience

With a whopping 6GB RAM, the Samsung C9 Pro is one of the most powerful phones yet, so you can switch seamlessly between editing photographs, gaming, and enjoying videos. Plus, enjoy a convenient Type-C USB connector, dual SIM usage, and expand your 64GB memory with a microSD slot.

Top-Notch Photography at Your Fingertips

Top-Notch Photography at Your Fingertips

Take brilliant, clear pictures even in low-light conditions, with 16MP, f.19 lenses on both the front and rear cameras. You can also upgrade your selfie experience with improved brightness and reduced noise in dim lighting.

Wider Screen, Slimmer Design

Wider Screen, Slimmer Design

Turn heads with the stunning, full metal construction of the Samsung C9 Pro, available in gold, pink gold, or black. Enjoy the crispness of a wide, FHD 6” screen with the functionality of a slim 6.9mm body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this offer about?

This is campaign to reward customers when they take up the Samsung C9 Pro.

Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer is available for new line registrations, port ins and existing customers.

How long is this promo going to run?

This offer will be from 31st March to 30th June.

Where can I go to sign-up for the offer?

This offer is available via Maxis Centers, Maxis Exclusive Partners and the Maxis Online Store.

Will I be tied to a contract if I sign up for this offer?

Normal Contract
Yes, you will be tied to a 24 month contract with Maxis.

You will be enrolled in the Zerolution program where we offer 0 upfront payment for the phone, 0 lock-in, 0 penalties and the ability to change to a new phone every year.

Should you leave the Zerolution program or transfer your service line to another service provider, you are only asked to pay the remaining device balance

How do I enjoy this offer?

All you need is to purchase the Samsung C9 Pro on the Zerolution program or normal contract.

How does this FREE Share line work?

This is a registration of a new Share line and you will receive 4 months rebate (RM48 x 4 months).

What do I get with the FREE Share line?

With the Share line, you will enjoy unlimited calls and SMS as well as adding 5GB FREE into your data pool.

Can I get the rebate on my existing Share line?

You will enjoy the FREE 4 months rebate on the new Share line registrations only.

What happens to the Share line after 4 months?

After the FREE 4 months, customers can continue to use the Share line at only RM48 per month.

Terms and Conditions

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