Total connectivity in the office and on-the-move

Stay in touch with your customers whether you’re working in the office or on the go. With our Mobile Office solutions, you can choose the bundle that fits your business needs so you and your employees can be accessible anytime, anywhere.


Never miss a call

Always be accessible to customers via free Hotline service.

Reliable connection

Take care of business easily with high-speed data and unlimited calls and SMS.

4G devices

Enjoy the best 4G network on a great device.

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Unlimited Calls & SMS (domestic)
Complimentary ONEBusiness Essentials

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All in monthly commitment fee : RM224
FREE Unity Hotline Lite

Bring your business up to speed with cutting-edge connectivity.

FlexiShare for Business

The only business plan that lets you buy data in bulk and share it with employees. Now with FlexiFund!

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Unity Solutions

Break free from traditional (and expensive) ways of doing business with Unity Solutions, our cutting-edge suite of business tools. It’s simple, cost-efficient, and most importantly, effective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I allowed to purchase more than one Mobile Office bundle?

Every company is eligible to purchase multiple Mobile Office bundles.

Are there any devices bundled with Mobile Office?

FlexiFund offered on FlexiShare allows you to redeem devices of your choice via the ONEBusiness Hub.

Is there a contract period for these bundle offerings?

Yes, there is a 24-month contract period, and all other contract terms and condition of the individual products apply.

What is given as part of the Free Unity Hotline Lite offer?

Unity Hotline Lite is a business-grade call management solution that can route all incoming calls to up to 5 different Maxis mobile numbers. One (1) virtual fixed line number will be provided so that you can front your business with a professional-looking Business number (e.g. 1700 / 017 / 0X).

Is there a contract tied to the Free Unity Hotline Lite offer?

Yes, a 24-month contract applies but it will be free of charge for the entire duration. If you decide to continue using this service after 24 months, a monthly fee of RM10 will be incurred.

Is the Unity Hotline Lite subscription optional?

Yes, it is an optional subscription and you may choose not to subscribe at the point of registration. But if you change your mind at a later stage, the service will be chargeable at RM10 per month.

If I choose to subscribe to 4G Business Broadband Internet later, will I still be entitled for the monthly rebate?

No. You will be subject to the full standard subscription fee if you subscribe to the 4G Business Broadband Internet after the point of registration.

Is there a contract period for the subscription of the 4G Business Broadband?

Yes, there is a 12-month contract tied to the 4G Business Broadband.

Can I subscribe to a Business Fibre plan together with the 4G Business Broadband?


Terms and Conditions

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