Round-the-clock vehicle asset tracking

Businesses are looking for ways to improve the management of their fleet in order to lower operational cost and improve fleet visibility. Made by Modus and powered by Maxis, mDrive lets you locate your vehicles, report on driving patterns and provide diagnostics on your vehicle’s condition.

Simply attach the mDrive devices into your vehicles’ OBDii port and you’ll have real-time access to your vehicles’ information via the mDrive MY mobile app. Best of all: no drilling or expensive GPS equipment required.

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How does mDrive benefit your business

Requires very little start-up cost, it optimises your staff efficiency and productivity through monitoring your mileage cost on all of your assets.

Know your vehicle’s location & usage as well as understanding driving patterns of drivers to ensure the safety of your assets.

No complex equipment and installation required. Just plug it in the vehicle and monitor your vehicle through the mobile app or web browser.

Features of mDrive

Vehicle Health Condition

Know at the start of the day if it’s safe for your employees to drive vehicles.

Driving Limits

Set driving limits and be alerted when your employees drive beyond the speed limits, designated kilometers for the day and during odd hours.

Current Vehicle Location

View the current location of your fleet and discover from the map if your vehicle is being driven or parked.


Set a geographical boundary and be alerted in real time when your fleet enters or exits the boundary.

Historical Trip Review

View details of each completed trip including distance driven, duration of travel and estimated fuel consumption.

How to use mDrive

More reasons to get mDrive


mDrive device  comes with a 12-months warranty upon activation so you can use it with a peace of mind.


mDrive is protected by tamper evident stickers on both sides so you’ll know when it has been compromised.

Get special rates for mDrive with
MaxisONE Business or FlexiShare

mDrive with Mobile Plan
Any MaxisONE Business /
FlexiShare Plan
Non MaxisONE Business /
FlexiShare Plan
Monthly subscription fee (24 months contract) RM55 RM65
Inclusive of mDrive OBDii device
with 12 months-warranty +
Free mDrive MY mobile app (iOS & Android)
mDrive with Mobile Plan
Any MaxisONE Business /
FlexiShare Plan
Monthly subscription fee (24 months contract) RM55
Inclusive Of mDrive OBDii device
with 12 months-warranty +
Free mDrive MY mobile app (iOS & Android)
mDrive with Mobile Plan
Non MaxisONE Business /
FlexiShare Plan
Monthly subscription fee (24 months contract) RM65
Inclusive Of mDrive OBDii device
with 12 months-warranty +
Free mDrive MY mobile app (iOS & Android)


  • mDrive services will be charged once the SIM is activated and will be billed monthly
  • Device replacement will be charged if the device is no longer under warranty (in bill)
  • All prices displayed is exclusive of 6% GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is mDrive?

mDrive is a solution that enables our customers to track and trace their vehicles in real time, understand the driver’s driving behavior and at the same time understand simple vehicle diagnostics via the OBDii device. Customers can have all these information in real time via mobile application.

What is an OBD?

OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) is an automotive term referring to a vehicle's self-diagnostic and reporting capability. Many vehicle manufacturers use this port to access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems.

What is an OBDii device?

An OBDii device is a plug and play device that we use to enable the features of this solution. 

How do I use mDrive?

Firstly, you would need to check if your vehicle has the OBD port. It is usually located at the bottom of the driver’s dashboard.

What if I don't have an OBD port on my vehicle?

Unfortunately, you are unable to use mDrive. Please check for OBD port availability in vehicle before purchasing mDrive.

Do I need to do any hard wiring to my vehicle’s engine?

No. With the OBDii technology, it is as simple as a plug and play solution that does not involve complicated installation.

Can I view the tracking from my smart phone?

Yes, download the mobile app from iTunes or Google Play by searching for mDrive MY. Through the app, you can view the location of your vehicle in real time.

How long till my trips are picked up after my first installation?

It will take between 1-3 trips to pick up data as the OBDii device will need to calibrate to the vehicle’s protocol and at the same time capture the first GPS signal.

Will the tracking work when I enter into an underground carpark?

The tracking will be done till the last point of entry into the underground as it leverages on the GPS satellite signal to pin point the vehicle’s location. Nevertheless, once the vehicle is out from the underground carpark, the GPS signal will be recaptured to perform the tracking.

How long is the warranty for the OBDii device?

There is a 12 months warranty for the OBDii device from the date of purchase. This warranty is non-transferrable.

If I lose my OBDii device/ tampered it / damaged it, will it be covered under the warranty?

Unfortunately, no. It will not be covered under the warranty and customer will need to purchase a new device to continue with the service.

Is there a contract period for this solution?

Yes. There is a 24 months contract period for this solution.

Can I get an email of the summary of each vehicle’s drive?

Yes. Go to and login with your username which is your email address, go to System Settingsà Notification Settingsà Select Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Can I view my vehicles from any internet enabled computer?

Yes. Go to and key in your username & password.

What happens if the device is unplugged by one of my drivers?

You will not be able to track your vehicle. Do ensure unit is plugged in at all times to obtain effective tracking data.

How do I purchase mDrive?

You can speak to any of our Dealers at or visit any CARs International store at

Terms and Conditions

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