Protect your network from online threats

In partnership with Transaction Network Services (the leading global network solution provider), our Secure Managed Network Solution meets strict PCI DSS certification standards providing you with a highly-secured and scalable network to protect any exchange of sensitive information, such as payment and financial data, from online threats.

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  • Your network will be managed end-to-end with PCI DSS certified technology with back-end integration expertise when your business needs it.
  • 24/7 dedicated support team that ensures no single point of network failure.

  • Monitor the condition of your routers and network system through a web portal in real time.
  • Have full visibility of the SLAs for each router.

  • A cloud-based solution that is highly reliable and scalable according to the needs of your business.
  • No upfront payment required.
  • OPEX model pricing that offers all value-added service in one monthly fee.

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What is PCI DSS?

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of regulations jointly established by leading payment networks - such as Visa and MasterCard. This ensures the safety and security of all payment cardholder’s sensitive information from being compromised. Compliance with PCI DSS is mandatory for any business that stores, transmits or processes payment card transactions.

How does Secure Managed Network Solution work?

Customer’s payment transactions will be fully managed end-to-end through Maxis’ secured network to TNS’ PCI DSS processing environment. All card holder’s data and payment transactions are encrypted to prevent data security breaches.  

Financial Institutions, Oil & Gas and Retail giants

With Secure Managed Network Solution, your company won’t have to worry about facing common challenges like:

Network solutions that are not PCI DSS compliant; causing customer’s sensitive information to be vulnerable to data breaches that leads to fraudulent activities.

No visibility on monitoring router or network system resulting to operational inefficiencies.

High upfront investment on procuring hardware, substantial technology infrastructures and dedicated personnel resources to manage the service.

More reasons to choose us

  • Provisioned with Industrial grade equipment; so you can expect world-class reliability with minimal breakdowns.
  • This solution has been supporting both wired and wireless businesses around the world with:
    - Over 3 million wired line POS terminals and 115,000 ATMs
    - Over 73,000 wireless POS terminals and 25,000 wireless ATMs
  • Get real time and consolidated views of your reports for all connections to optimize the efficiency of your business operation.
  • Real time measureable Service Level Agreement provided through a web portal.
  • Nationwide support from 20+ centres.

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