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Frequently Asked Questions

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I thought now I can manage all my postpaid lines. Why are there Postpaid - Supplementary Line under the line of business?

You are correct that do not need to sign up under this line of business because signing up as Principal Line would allow you to manage all your postpaid lines including the supplementary lines. This sign up is to allow the supplementary line holder to have an overview and to manage his/her own line. He/she would not be able to view the Principal or any other Supplementary accounts.

What type of information can my Supplementary Line access?

Your Supplementary Line has a limited access e.g. checking the unbilled amount and retrieve the PUK code

Can I disable my Supplementary Line from having access to this online service?

Yes, you can block, unblock and delete your Supplementary Line Online ID via the website under Manage Account > Supplementary Online ID or by contacting us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile.

Can my Supplementary Line unblock the access if I have blocked my Supplementary Line from accessing to this online service?

No. Only Principal Line has the ability to manage such request.

Will my Supplementary Line know when I blocked my Supplementary Line from accessing the online service?

Yes, your Supplementary Line will receive a notification via email and SMS.

Can my Supplementary Line re-sign up after I have deleted my Supplementary Line online service access?

Yes, your Supplementary Line is able to re-sign up with the same Online ID.

Can my Supplementary Line reset the Online ID via the websites and/or mobile applications?

No, principal holder is required to contact us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile to retrieve your Supplementary Line Online ID.

What is My Profile?

My Profile is to manage your Online ID profiling i.e. change email address, password, mobile number, Secure Keyword and Security Question.

Where can I locate My Profile?

You can manage My Profile after successful login.

How do I edit My Profile?

Please visit our interactive demo by clicking on the "How to update profile" tab.

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

To reset your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the Login Page.

I can't remember my Security Question. Can I reset this?

Yes, you may change your Security Question via My Profile.

I have forgotten my Online ID, what should I do?

You may contact us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile to retrieve your Online ID.

Terms & Conditions

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