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Manage all your Maxis Postpaid & Hotlink lines, pay and view your Maxis bills safely, securely and conveniently without having to leave your seat!

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Track your mobile usage
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Waiting for a friend who is running late or simply enjoying a cup of coffee?

Download the all-new enhanced MyMaxis app to your smartphone and you’ll find it’s a piece of cake to keep an eye on your Maxis account while you are out and about, or even waiting.


With our latest improvements, keeping track of your mobile usage on the go has never been this convenient!

Account Info

We have made it even simpler for you to manage your account, edit and update your online account details on-the-go.

Bills and Payments

Enjoy the convenience of paying and viewing your bills quickly and instantly with Maxis-PayPal. It's hassle free!

Value Added Services

Start getting more out of your mobile phone by subscribing to any of our ever growing suite of value added services.

Data Usage

View your data usage details such as data package name, start date, renewal data and balance of your data usage.

Locate Us

Find the nearest Maxis Retail Centre wherever you are just by using the "Locate Us" function.



Available on Apple Store, Google Play and BlackBerry World. Just scan the QR code to download the app.


Access, manage and apply
for services the fast and
easy way.


With our latest improvements, keeping track of your mobile usage on the go has never been this convenient!

Account Info

Edit and update your account details.

Bills and Payments

View & Pay your outstanding Maxis Bills instantly and easily with a credit card or Maxis-PayPal.

Re-activate Your Line

Is your line suspended? Get it re-activated online.

Value Added Services

Start getting more out of your mobile phone by subscribing to any of our ever growing suite of value added services.


Get your bills online or via email as soon as it’s available.

My Hotlink, My Organiser


Manage your account with MyHotlink online customer service anywhere, anytime.


Get auto top-up so you can always stay connected.


Add or remove numbers from your Activ10 list to make the most of the low rates.


View the call details and top-up history made from your mobile phone.


Check and redeem your Rewards Points.

Fault Report

Report service interruptions or problems with the network immediately.

Proceed to Hotlink to Login



It is simple and easy to use with the enhanced interface.


Manage your own account and mobile usage at your own convenience.


Go green. Go paperless with us and save trees to help preserve the environment.


Data transfer is encrypted with 128-bit encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MyMaxis?

MyMaxis App is a self-help application for Maxis & Hotlink subscribers to retrieve account information, pay & manage bills, subscribe to value added services & contact us through the various channel options at their preference.

Maxis subscribers are able to view account information, credit limit, billing information; while Hotlink subscribers can check account balance, expiry date & Activ10 numbers.

Who is eligible to use this service?

This service is available to Maxis & Hotlink subscribers who have signed up for a Single Sign On Online ID.

I don’t have an account yet. Does this mean that I can’t use this service?

You are required to register for an Online ID with Single Sign On in order to use this service. Click on the Sign Up button on the first page & you’ll be re-directed to the respective Single Sign On Sign Up pages.

How do I login?

You are required to enter your Online ID and password that you have created when you signed up for Single Sign On service. Do ensure that you are seeing the Secure Keyword of your choice during Online ID creation before entering your password.

Can I access to a different mobile number from this MyMaxis App on my phone?

Yes, you may; as long as the credentials authenticates. Once you have logged-in with your Single Sign On Online ID, all your mobile numbers under the account are accessible within this MyMaxis app.

I’ve forgotten my Password? What should I do?

You can request for a Password reset by clicking on the “Forgot Password” icon on the first page of this MyMaxis app.

Why do I need to key in my password whenever I login?

This is to safe-guard your information from being accessed by a third party.

Is it possible for the MyMaxis App to save my password since my phone is password-protected?

For better security on your information, the auto-login feature is not available on MyMaxis App.

How much does the MyMaxis App cost?

This MyMaxis App is free of charge.

Are there any data charges for using this MyMaxis App?

Yes, prevailing data charges apply as per your data plan.

How do I access the application?

You may download the MyMaxis App from App Store, Google Play or BlackBerry World.

What are the platforms supported by this application?

Currently, the supported platforms include iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android (smartphone and tablet) and BlackBerry (smartphone).

How do I feedback if the application does not work on my iPhone?

Kindly call our customer care consultant at 123 from your Maxis Mobile or 1-300-820-120 from your Hotlink.

Single Sign On
Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Single Sign On (SSO)?

Single Sign On is a new online registration system of Maxis that uses email address as your primary login ID. With a single Online ID, you are able login to Maxis websites and/or mobile applications.

I thought now I can manage all my postpaid lines. Why are there Postpaid - Supplementary Line under the line of business?

You are correct that do not need to sign up under this line of business because signing up as Principal Line would allow you to manage all your postpaid lines including the supplementary lines. This sign up is to allow the supplementary line holder to have an overview and to manage his/her own line. He/she would not be able to view the Principal or any other Supplementary accounts.

What type of information can my Supplementary Line access?

Your Supplementary Line has a limited access e.g. checking the unbilled amount and retrieve the PUK code

Can I disable my Supplementary Line from having access to this online service?

Yes, you can block, unblock and delete your Supplementary Line Online ID via the website under Manage Account > Supplementary Online ID or by contacting us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile.

Can my Supplementary Line unblock the access if I have blocked my Supplementary Line from accessing to this online service?

No. Only Principal Line has the ability to manage such request.

Will my Supplementary Line know when I blocked my Supplementary Line from accessing the online service?

Yes, your Supplementary Line will receive a notification via email and SMS.

Can my Supplementary Line re-sign up after I have deleted my Supplementary Line online service access?

Yes, your Supplementary Line is able to re-sign up with the same Online ID.

Can my Supplementary Line reset the Online ID via the websites and/or mobile applications?

No, principal holder is required to contact us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile to retrieve your Supplementary Line Online ID.

What is My Profile?

My Profile is to manage your Online ID profiling i.e. change email address, password, mobile number, Secure Keyword and Security Question.

Where can I locate My Profile?

You can manage My Profile after successful login.

How do I edit My Profile?

Please visit our interactive demo by clicking on the "How to update profile" tab.

I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

To reset your password, click on "Forgot Password" on the Login Page.

I can't remember my Security Question. Can I reset this?

Yes, you may change your Security Question via My Profile.

I have forgotten my Online ID, what should I do?

You may contact us at 1800 821 123 or 123 from your Maxis Mobile to retrieve your Online ID.

Terms & Conditions

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