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Buy apps on Google Play™ without a credit card!

Apps. Movies. Books. Chat Stickers. In-app items. Purchase anything on Google Play™ Store and charge them directly to your Maxis bill*. It's a simple and secure way to enjoy content with just a push of a button

*All Maxis customers except for Corporate & SME.

Region Maxis Centre
Central KLCC,
The Gardens,
Sunway Pyramid,
Plaza Low Yat and
NU Sentral
Northern Queensbay Mall
Sabah Imago Mall
Sarawak Viva Mall
Southern Mahkota Parade

Why Pay with Maxis Direct Billing or Hotlink Credit

*Applicable for Maxis & Hotlink customers except for Corporate & SME.

Here's how you can start paying with
your ‘Maxis Direct Billing or Hotlink Credit

Launch an app and select an in-app item to purchase.

Choose “Use Maxis/Hotlink billing”

Choose “BUY”
*discounted price will be reflected upon purchase via SMS

You’ll receive an SMS notification from Maxis/Hotlink

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Google Play™ is a trademark of Google Inc. This promotion is not affiliated with Google Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Maxis 10% Discount Off Google Play Purchase about?

Maxis is giving 10% discount on selected popular apps or in-app purchases from Google Play. The offer applies to both the paid and discounted amount. Please visit maxis.com.my/googleplay for the full list of eligible apps.

Do all Maxis users qualify for the 10% discount?

Yes, this offer is applicable to all Maxis customers who charge their Google Play purchase from eligible apps via “Bill my Hotlink/Maxis account”. 

I’m attempting an in-app purchase in one of the listed apps right now. Why isn’t the 10% price reflected there?

The discount will only be reflected upon charging. Ensure that you select “Bill my Hotlink/Maxis account”. You will see the 10% discount in your charge confirmation SMS.

How long will this promotion last?

This promotion starts on 1 August 2016 and ends 31 December 2016. For more details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions at maxis.com.my/googleplay.

Can I conduct multiple transactions and enjoy the 10% discount?

Yes, you can conduct as many transactions as you like, as long as you purchase from the selected list of apps (refer to maxis.com.my/googleplay), choose “Bill my Maxis/Maxis account” to charge from.

Where can I find more information on how to charge my Google Play account?

Please visit maxis.com.my/googleplay 

How do I select “Bill my Maxis/Maxis account” on Google Play?

Visit maxis.com.my/googleplay and select ‘How To’ on any game for a detailed step by step guide. You must be on a Maxis network while performing this step.

Is there a maximum amount I can purchase per transaction?

Yes, users are limited to maximum RM500 purchase.

I have an iPhone, can I also enjoy 10% off games & apps?

No, this offer is available only on Google Play store.

Where are the Pokestops locations? How can I get the full list of locations?

The Pokestops locations is still being updated, please stay tune to maxis.com.my/googleplay for the full listing.

What is Direct Carrier Billing?

Maxis’ Direct Carrier Billing is a service that allows Maxis/Hotlink customers to purchase Google Play™ content and bill the amount to their Maxis Postpaid account, or deduct from their Hotlink airtime credit.

Who can use the Direct Carrier Billing?

It is available for all Postpaid customer, except for Corporate customers. For Prepaid, you will need to subscribe to any Weekly or Monthly Data Plan to be eligible.

What can I purchase in Google Play™ with Maxis Direct Carrier Billing?

As of current, you may purchase

  • Android app
  • In-app purchases
  • Google Movies
  • E-Books
  • Newsstand

New contents may be added to the list when the contents are available in the territory.

Where can I get more information about purchasing contents on Google Play™?

These are some of the site that can be of help to you:

Is there a 6% GST charged for purchases made in Google Play™?

For postpaid, customers will pay GST 6% of the total bill every month.

Do I need to set up before using this service?

Yes. You can do so in Google Play™.

Do I have to do this every time I want to use Maxis Direct Carrier Billing?

No, you only need to do it once before the first purchase.

What do I need before I can proceed with the setup?

- Please ensure that you are on Maxis’ 3G/4G network and SMS is enabled.
- You will need to have a Gmail account.

How do I set up the password protection in Google Play™?

To turn on password protection:
1. Open Google Play™ app on your mobile device
2. Go to the Menu icon  > Settings
3. Select Require authentication for purchases and choose a setting.
4. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
You are strongly advised to turn on password protection in Google Play™ as Maxis will not be responsible for any accidental/unwanted purchases that are charged to your Maxis/Hotlink account.

How do you charge for my Google Play™ purchases?

For Postpaid, your purchases will be billed in your next bill cycle. For Prepaid, your purchase will be deducted from your available credit.

Is there a limit to my Google Play™ purchases with Maxis Direct Billing?

For Postpaid, the limit is RM200/month. To increase please contact customer services for assistance. For Prepaid, the limit is the credit value you have in your Prepaid account.

Can I change my purchase limit?

Yes if you are a Postpaid customer. You will need to contact our Customer Support for assistance. For supplementary line customers, your purchase limit can only be changed by the principal line holder.

Will I be informed once a payment is made?

Yes, you and your principal line holder (if any) will receive an SMS notification once payment is made. You will also receive an email notification from Google, or you can check your purchase history in your Google Wallet.

Is there a way to prevent accidental or unwanted purchases?

Yes, Google Play™ has a password protection feature that requires you to enter a password before each purchase.

You are strongly advised to turn on password protection in Google™ Play as Maxis will not be responsible for any accidental/unwanted purchases that are charged to your Maxis/Hotlink account.

To turn on password protection:
1. Open Google Play™ app on your mobile device
2. Go to the Menu icon  > Settings
3. Select Require authentication for purchases and choose a setting.
4. Complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.

Can I remove this payment option?

Yes, you can remove it in your Google Wallet (https://wallet.google.com/manage)

Can I purchase content that is not in RM using Maxis Direct Billing?

No, you cannot do so.

Can I purchase when I am over WiFi?

Yes, you can. You just need to ensure your SIM is active and allow sending of SMS to shortcode 22090

Is there a refund for an Android app purchase that I do not like?

Yes, you can request for a refund if it is within Google’s refund policy window of 2 hours. To do so, just select the purchased app in Google Play™ and then select ‘Refund’.

After 2 hours, you will see the option ‘Uninstall’ instead of a ‘Refund’. ‘Uninstall’ will remove the app from your device but you will not receive a refund.

Can I still get a refund for my Android app purchase if the 2 hours refund window has expired?

You will need to contact the app developer directly for such request. It will be entirely up to the developer to decide if the request is valid. If it is valid, the developer will send the refund request to Google who will then inform Maxis to refund to you.

To contact the developers, please find their contact details in the app itself, or in the email notification that you received from Google after you have purchased the app.

What is Google’s refund policy for in-app purchases?

In- app purchases are additional services or contents that you can purchase from within the app. There is no 2 hours refund window period for in-app purchases. You will have to send such request to the app developer directly and all refunds given are at the discretion of the developer.

For more info, please visit https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637?hl=enAU&ref_topic=3364671

What is the refund policy for other types of content offered in Google Play™?

For info on other refund policies, please visit https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/2479637?hl=eAU&ref_topic=3364671

Will I be notified once I get a refund?

Yes, you will receive an SMS notification from Maxis.

Terms and Conditions

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