MaxisONE Plan

Now with lots of data to enjoy on Malaysia's No 1 4G network, you will get the best mobile Internet experience, even for your video streaming needs.
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  • 15GB
  • RM 68/mth

15GB All Day Data


Exclusively for Sabah and Sarawak subscribers
  • 30GB 15 + 15
  • RM 98/mth

15GB All Day Data

15GB 4G weekend data*


Free upgrade to 30GB All-Day data for 24mths**
(Normal Price: additional RM10/mth)
**Only available in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan
Share up to 35GB and unlimited calls with 1 MaxisONE Share Line at RM48/month
Latest smartphones at RM1
  • 40GB
  • RM 128/mth

40GB All Day Data


Share up to 50GB and unlimited calls with 2 MaxisONE Share Line at RM48/month each
Latest smartphones at RM1
  • 50GB
  • RM 158/mth

50GB All Day Data


Share up to 65GB and unlimited calls with 3 MaxisONE Share Line at RM48/month each
Latest smartphones at RM1
  • 60GB
  • RM 188/mth

60GB All Day Data


Share up to 80GB and unlimited calls with 4 MaxisONE Share Line at RM48/month each
Latest smartphones at RM1 (Normal Price RM2,200)

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Home & Mobile 4G Internet Combo

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Up to 70GB shareable data.

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MaxisONE World

Use your local data overseas when you travel.

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DataPool and Share Lines!

Your MaxisONE Share Line comes with 10GB and Unlimited Calls
for RM48/mth, plus 5GB DataPool and 5GB for 4G weekends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the MaxisONE Plan 98 Data Upgrade Promo?

This is a limited-time offer to upgrade your data to 30GB All Day Data for free. You will be given a monthly rebate of RM10 for a period of 24 months. This offer is exclusively for our subscribers in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

Who is eligible to sign up for this promo?

This rebate is exclusively for subscribers in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan. In order to be eligible for the rebate, you must have a valid Sabah, Sarawak OR Labuan billing address and subscribe to MaxisONE Share 108 from any Maxis Retail Outlet in Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan from 26 February 2018 onwards.

How long do I get to enjoy the rebate on this promo for?

You can enjoy the RM10 rebate for 24 consecutive months.

What happens after 24 months?

After 24 months, your RM10 rebate will automatically expire without prior notice and your monthly bill will be RM108 (subject to 6% GST).

Why don’t I see the full RM10 rebate in my first bill?

The rebate is pro-rated as per your bill amount, especially for your first bill. Rest assured you will get a total of RM240 if you stay on this plan.

I have a Sabah/Sarawak/Labuan billing address and signed up for MaxisONE Share 108 before 22 February 2018, do I get to enjoy this promo too?

Yes, you do. You will automatically get the RM10 rebate in your bill statement by April at the latest. If you did not receive your bill rebate by April, please walk in to any Maxis Retail Outlet in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan.

What happens to my rebate if I unsubscribe or change to another plan in less than 24 months?

This rebate is exclusively for MaxisONE Share 108 subscribers. It will automatically be terminated if you unsubscribe or migrate to another plan.

What’s new with MaxisONE Plan?

The MaxisONE Plan now gives you an additional of 10GB data monthly and for usage at anytime and anywhere from as low as RM128/mth. You won’t be restricted by 4G weekend data quota anymore.

If you are on MaxisONE Plan 98, your data quota is upgraded to 15GB all day and 15GB 4G weekend data. You have an option to pay an additional RM10 monthly fee to merge the 15GB all day and 15GB 4G weekend data into 30GB all day data.

Am I eligible for the enhanced MaxisONE Plan?

All existing MaxisONE Plan customers will be automatically upgraded to the enhanced MaxisONE Plan from 7th December 2017 onwards. You don’t need to do anything at all.

Will the other benefits I currently enjoy with my legacy MaxisONE Plan be removed after the enhancement?

No, you will continue to enjoy your existing benefits as long as you stay with the same rate plan,

What is MaxisONE Plan 68 (Sabah/Sarawak)? And how do I sign up for MaxisONE Plan 68 (Sabah/Sarawak)?

This is a RM68 Plan with 15GB All Day data monthly for usage anytime and anywhere. This plan is exclusively for residents of Sabah & Sarawak, including Labuan. All you need is a billing address in Sabah, Sarawak or Labuan and you’re good to go.

Does Maxis have a plan that I can enjoy 30GB all day data?

Yes. Our new MaxisONE Plan 108 offers 30GB all day data.

If I’m on MaxisONE Plan 98 and I want to upgrade to MaxisONE Plan 108, what should I do?

Walk in to any nearby Maxis Centre or call 123 to change rate plan.

If I am on MaxisONE Plan 108 with a device contract, is it possible for me to subsequently downgrade to MaxisONE Plan 98?

Yes you may downgrade. However, you will incur the early termination charge as per your signed device contract which is calculated based on:
Penalty Amount = [(Recommended Retail Price (RRP) – Upfront Cost) x (Remaining month(s) ÷ 24 months)] + RM 100

What is MaxisONE Share?

MaxisONE Share is a Share Line that can draw data from your DataPoolTM. You can sign up for MaxisONE Share and place the SIM card into your secondary device or tablet. Each MaxisONE Share also comes with unlimited calls and SMS. Hence, you can give the SIM card to your family members. For each MaxisONE Share Line, an additional 5GB will go into your DataPoolTM and your Share Line will get an additional 5GB of 4G weekend data.

What is DataPoolTM?

DataPoolTM is a data sharing bucket that allows you to share with your family members and across devices, and can also be used overseas.
For example, with MaxisONE Plan 128, you get 40GB of data into your DataPoolTM . The 40GB that goes into your DataPoolTM is shareable with your family members and across devices with MaxisONE Share. For each MaxisONE Share you will get an additional 10GB, 5GB for your DataPoolTM and 5GB for 4G weekend data. That is a total of 45GB in your DataPoolTM, shareable with your MaxisONE Share Line and you can use all this data overseas with MaxisONE World.

Am I eligible for DataPoolTM?

All MaxisONE Plan customers (RM98 and above) will be eligible for DataPoolTM. All you need to do is sign up for a MaxisONE Share Line to start sharing your DataPoolTM with your family members and devices.

How do I share my DataPoolTM with my MaxisONE Share?

You can use MyMaxis App to control how much of your data you want to share with your MaxisONE Share Lines. You can set the amount of data to be allocated individually (i.e 30GB to the first MaxisONE Share, 10GB to the next MaxisONE Share and so on). By default, each MaxisONE Share Line will be allocated 5GB.

For MaxisONE Plan 98, how does the 4G weekend data work?

The extra 4G weekend data will be drawn down during Saturdays 12.01am to Sunday 11.59pm on 4G network.  For example, on MaxisONE plan 98, you will enjoy 15GB worth of DataPoolTM and additional 15GB of 4G data during weekends. 

What if I’m not connected to the 4G network?

On Saturday and Sunday, the 15GB weekend data will be utilised first if you are latched onto our 4G network. If you are not latched onto our 4G network on Saturday and Sunday, you will be utilising your data from the 15GB DataPoolTM

Is the extra 4G weekend data given in full or will each Saturday or Sunday be allocated a certain amount of internet GB?

The 4G weekend data is given in full and there is no allocation or capped amount per day.
For example, with 15GB 4G weekend data, you have used 2GB on Saturday and 3GB on Sunday of the first week. You will then have the remaining 10GB to be used on the 4G network for the remaining weekends of that bill cycle.

Do I have the option to choose whether to draw from the 4G weekend data or DataPoolTM?

The toggling between 4G weekend data and DataPoolTM is automatic and seamless. As long as it is on a Saturday or Sunday and latched onto our 4G network, we will ensure that it is automatically optimised to draw from the 4G weekend data. So you can rest assured you will always get the best out of your plan.

Can I roam and utilise the 4G weekend data abroad?

The 4G weekend data is only for domestic use. When roaming abroad and using MaxisONE World at RM38/day, you will utilise the data from your DataPoolTM after the pass quota has depleted.

Is the extra 4G weekend data shareable with my Share Lines?

The 4G weekend data can only be utilised by the MaxisONE Plan principal line and is not shareable. The 15GB DataPoolTM is shareable with all the Share Lines.
Each Share Line will also get its own extra 5GB 4G weekend internet that can only be utilised by the respective Share Line.

What is the difference between the 4G weekend data for MaxisONE Plan principal line and the 4G weekend data for Share Lines?

Both principal lines and Share Lines have their respective weekend internet quota. For example, if you are on MaxisONE Plan 128 and have 2 Share Lines, the extra 15GB 4G weekend data for the principal line can only be utilised by the principal line. As for the 2 Share Lines, each Share Line will get its own 5GB 4G weekend internet to be utilised by the respective Share Line.

Can the MaxisONE Plan principal line decide how much of the 4G weekend internet the Share Line gets?

The 4G weekend data for the Share Line is pre-assigned and can only be utilised by the Share Line. Only the MaxisONE Plan principal line can allocate data in the DataPoolTM to the Share Line.

Is it possible to call toll free service numbers using a mobile phone?

Yes, you may call toll free service numbers by using your mobile phone. It’s free to call 1800 toll free numbers from mobile phones, which has been in effect since January 2011. However, local call charges apply based on prevailing TM published rate for calls to 1300 toll free numbers.

What is the call charge rate for calls made to 1300 numbers?

Calls to 1300 numbers are charged at RM0.15/min.

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