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Turn any location into your personal hotspot zone with the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi). Just connect and enjoy high speed surfing with up to 10 devices connected at a time. Gone are the days of searching high and low for a Wi-Fi hotspot or draining your smartphone's battery and data to share Wi-Fi.

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No.1 4G LTE Network


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Pocket WiFi Plan Light User
Peak Quota
Off-Peak Quota
4G WiFi modem

WiFi up to 10 devices simultaneously with super fast speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Pocket WiFi Plan Casual Surfer
Peak Quota
Off-Peak Quota
4G WiFi modem

WiFi up to 10 devices simultaneously with super fast speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Pocket WiFi Plan Regular Streamer
Peak Quota
Off-Peak Quota
4G WiFi modem

WiFi up to 10 devices simultaneously with super fast speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Limited Time Offer for new WBB customers only
Pocket WiFi Plan Heavy Downloader
Now only RM78/mth
Peak Quota
Off-Peak Quota
4G WiFi modem

WiFi up to 10 devices simultaneously with super fast speeds of up to 150Mbps.

Pocket WiFi Plan Power User
Peak Quota
Off-Peak Quota
4G WiFi modem

WiFi up to 10 devices simultaneously with super fast speeds of up to 150Mbps.

12-month commitment period applies to all data plans with modems.
All plans are throttled to128kbps after exceeding quota.

Need a little boost?
Get these one-time data boosters.

Peak Quota Upgrade
(8am - 2am)
Price (RM)
0.25GB RM8
0.5GB RM12
1GB RM18
2GB RM30

*One-time data boost is valid for 30 days and is not auto renewed

Off-Peak Quota Upgrade
(2am - 8am)
Price (RM)
0.75GB RM8
1.5GB RM12
3GB RM18
6GB RM30

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is eligible for these plans?

These plans are available for new registrations only and for Malaysians and foreigners non-Malaysians over the age of 18 years and above

How many plans can I subscribe to?

Each customer can sign up for up to 5 plans per individual Identification Card (Malaysian IC)(per IC)/Passport.

How to choose the plan?

You can choose your plan based on:

  • Your preferred volume quota requirement and/or
  • Your preferred modem type
Do you have a plan without modem?

Yes, we have a sim only plan. The data plans (without modem) are as below:

LIGHT USER RM48/month 1.5GB 1.5GB
POWER USER RM158/month 12GB 36GB

RM100 advance payment applies to all plans.

What are the plans that include modems?

All plans EXCEPT for the 48 plan will include a modem. The 12-month contract applies to all plans that is bundled with modem.

The Service speed is on a best effort basis. Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, coverage, distance from communications tower and number of simultaneous users. The typical average speeds for the 75Mbps 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) are between 10 to 30Mbps; 21Mbps Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) and PortaFi modems are between 1 to 5Mbps; 7.2Mbps USB modem are between 500kbps to 2Mbps.

What does it mean by 5GB peak and FREE 15GB off peak plan?

Maxis Wireless Broadband comes with 2 allocations of quotas, one from 8am to 2am (peak hour) and the other from 2am to 8am (off peak hour). 5GB peak and FREE 15GB off peak means you get 5GB quota to use from 8am to 2am and 15GB quota from 2am to 8am.

What happens if my internet session crosses over from one period to another e.g. from 1am to 3am?

The relevant quota will be deducted accordingly in the different allocations. 
E.g. If 1GB was used from 1am - 2am, 1GB will be deducted from quota balance in the 8am to 2am allocation and if 2GB was used from 2am - 3am, 2GB will be deducted from the 2am to 8am allocation.

Are there any other services that I can enjoy when I subscribe to this plan?

There are available Value Added Services depending on the plans you sign up to.

Quota Price VAS
1.5GB + 1.5GB RM48
4GB + 4GB RM68 1 month 2GB Maxis Wi-Fi
5GB + 15GB RM88
7GB + 21GB RM128 1 month 2GB Maxis Wi-Fi & Unlimited Facebook
12GB + 36GB RM158

The free Maxis WiFi Hotspot 2GB quota is on a monthly basis and will continue for as long as the Wireless Broadband account is active.

Where do I check the Maxis coverage area?

You can check the coverage area at http://www.maxis.com.my/home/broadband/network_coverage.asp. You can also check the coverage map for LTE areas at http://new.maxis.com.my/content/maxis/en/personal/internet/network-and-coverage/wireless-broadband-network-coverage.html.

Alternatively, you can call our customer service at 1800 82 2000.

Can I change my macro SIM to a micro SIM and how do I do that?

Yes, you can. You may request for a SIM replacement at any Maxis Centre with a fee of RM10.

Is there a deposit?

Yes, a deposit of RM300 is required for non-Malaysians.

Will there be any contract for the plans?

Yes, there is a 12 months contract period for plans with modems. There is no contract period if purchasing the SIM only option.

How much do I need to pay for a modem?

We provide you with a selection of free high performance modems when you sign up for any of the Wireless Broadband plans. 

You may choose to go with either a 4G or 3G MiFi modem. For payment details, kindly refer to the table in the page.

If I am an existing customer, can I upgrade to the latest modem?

If you are an existing customer for more than 6 months, you can upgrade to the latest 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) with the minimum subscription of RM88/month plans and above.

You will need to pay RM100 for the modem & be re-contracted for 12 months.

If I am an existing customer more than 6 months on RM68 plan, can I upgrade to the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi)?

Yes, you can upgrade to the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) by changing your subscribed plan to minimum of RM88 plan.

You will need to pay RM100 for the modem & be re-contracted for 12 months.

Can I only buy the modem?

Yes. However, outright purchase offer is only applicable for existing WBB subscribers.

Is there any fee charged for upgrade or downgrade of plans?

There is no fee charged for the upgrade of plans. However, there is a handling fee of RM50 for downgrade request.

Am I allowed to downgrade the 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi) plan to RM88 or RM48/68 ?

No, you are not allowed to downgrade to plans below RM88/month.

Do I need to terminate my existing line to upgrade to 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi)?

No, you do not need to terminate your existing plan. You can continue using your existing SIM card with the new 4G LTE Mobile WiFi Modem (MiFi).

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for my Maxis Wireless Internet service? What happens if I exceed my FUP?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is to ensure all customers can get good browsing experience and to prevent abusers from hogging the bandwidth, which can impact other user experience.

If you have breached your allocated quota, your internet speed will be managed to ensure other users are not impacted.

How can I check my quota usage?

You can check your quota usage at Wireless Internet Online Account portal at mywireless.maxis.net.my. You must be connected with your Wireless Broadband sim when you're accessing this portal.

Alternatively, you log in to MyAccount portal by visiting mylaunchpad.com.my.

What is Wireless Internet Online Account portal?

Wireless Internet Online Account portal is a self-help portal. You will be able to:

  • check and/or update your Can be Reached (CBR) number,
  • manage your billing,
  • upgrade/downgrade your package
  • check your quota usage
  • purchase quota
  • purchase International Data Roaming passes

What is MyAccount portal?

This portal is to ease managing your Home Wireless Internet account. You can:

  • manage your profile
  • track your internet usage
  • view, pay and track you bills
  • download Value Added Services such as Internet Security
  • upgrade or change your existing package
What will happen when I exceed my quota?

Once you reach around 300MB of your quota balance volume, you will receive a SMS notification on your Can-Be-Reached (CBR) mobile number or your Wireless Broadband number as a reminder.


If your base package is 1.5GB, you will receive your first SMS notification when your usage is at 1.2GB.

You will also receive another SMS on your mobile CBR or broadband number when your quota balance volume reached 0MB.

Once you exceeded your quota limit, your experience will be:

  • If you subscribe to package: 1.5GB RM48 or 4GB+4GB RM68 - your surfing speed will be throttled to a lower speed at 64kbps.
  • If you subscribe to package: 5GB+15GB RM88 or 7GB+21GB RM128 or 12GB+36GB RM158 - your surfing speed will be throttled to a lower speed at 128kbps.

To enjoy the normal service, please purchase additional quota via mywireless.maxis.net.my.

How can I increase the quota given to me?

You can buy more quota via Quota Purchase through mywireless.maxis.net.my or via MyAccount portal which is accessible from mylaunchpad.com.my

Please ensure you are connected to Maxis Broadband network using your Maxis Wireless Broadband sim when accessing this portal.

What is the available quota upgrade that I can purchase?

You may choose to purchase quota upgrade passes as offered below:


Quota upgrade Price
250MB RM8
500MB RM12
1GB RM18
2GB RM30

Off Peak

Quota upgrade Price
750MB RM8
1.5GB RM12
3GB RM18
6GB RM30

Validity: 30 Days

The speed will be based on your subscribed package speed.

Can I make calls, send SMS or MMS with this plan?

This plan provides a data-only plan.
However, you can send SMS via the Connection Manager (when used with a Maxis Broadband modem) and will be billed based on usage of RM0.05/SMS on-netRM0.15/SMS off-net and RM0.50/SMS for international SMS.
The pricing subject to change but valid at the point of selling. 
This is subjected to the device capability as well.

Can I use this service whilst roaming overseas?

Yes. However, you are advised to activate IDD and international roaming services first. To apply, please visit our nearest maxis centre. You'll be charged based on the applicable roaming charges.

How many times can I purchase an additional quota to increase my quota balance in a month?

You may purchase additional quota as many times as you want in a month.

How do I pay for the purchase of additional quota?

The charges for quota purchased will be billed into your next monthly statement.

Can I transfer unused quota balance to others?

No, quota cannot be transferred to another party.

I have 1GB of unused quota balance and I want to terminate the service. Will I get a refund?

No, quota is not exchangeable for cash or refund.

I’m having issues with my coverage?

You are advised to check your coverage area by calling 1800 82 2000 or check at http://www.maxis.com.my/home/broadband/network_coverage.asp

If my modem is faulty, can I get a replacement?

Yes, for as long as it’s within the 12-months warranty period.

Just step into any Maxis Centre with your current modem and we will provide you with a replacement.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my modem or broadband services?

You can contact 1800 82 2000 or go to www.maxis.com.my/broadband.

Is there a cooling off period for these plans?

No. Effective 24 March 2014, there will be no more 7 days cooling off period for ALL Wireless Broadband plans return. This means should you decide to return the Wireless Broadband devices, it will be treated as a termination within contract period.

If I terminate the Wireless Broadband subscription, do I need to return the modem?

If you terminate the service within the contract period:

  • Option 1: Return the modem with the complete set in good working condition and the penalty fee will be waived.
  • Option 2: Keep the modem however penalty fee of RM200 will be imposed.

If you terminate the service after the contract period, you can keep the modem at no cost.

How much do I need to pay if I breach the contract?

RM 200 penalty fee will be charged to your last bill should you terminate within your contract period.

If I return my modem to Maxis Centre within my contract period, will my penalty fee will be waived?


What are the LTE spectrum in Maxis?

Our rides 4G LTE network on the 1800MHz & 2600MHz spectrums.

How will I know if I am within a LTE area?

Your device will show LTE  the coverage identifier (next to the phone signal bars) .

Where can I get the latest LTE coverage areas?

We are constantly expanding our coverage areas. Click here on this link to check the coverage:

What are the download speeds of this 4G LTE network?

4G LTE provides speeds up to 75Mbps with the typical average speeds of 10Mbps to 30Mbps within the 4G LTE coverage area.

Your actual browsing speed varies based on your location and device capability.

What are the download speeds of this 4G LTE network?

4G LTE lets you enjoy superfast speeds of up to 75Mbps speeds with the typical average of between 10Mbps to 30Mbps within the 4G LTE coverage area. Browsing Actual speed varies based on your location and device capability.

How much do I need to pay for Maxis WiFi subscription?

You have an option to subscribe to Maxis WiFi with below price: 

Price Access / Volume
RM3 24 Hours / 500MB
RM10 7 Days / 2GB
RM20 30 Days / 4GB
RM3 30 Days / 2GB
RM6 30 Days / 4GB

However if you subscribe to any Wireless Broadband new plans, you will enjoy free subscription of Maxis WiFi 2GB worth RM3 for 30 Days/2GB. 

How long will I enjoy the WiFi subscription rebates and how it works?

You will enjoy free of Maxis WiFi RM3 for 30 Days/2GB throughout your subscription with WBB new plans.

What is Maxis WiFi Hotspot service?

The Maxis WiFi Hotspot service allows you to connect to a Maxis WiFi Hotspot connection without using your monthly allocated internet quota. Maxis currently has over 2,300 hotspots nationwide and has plans to increase this number to over 8,000 in 2013.

Look for this icon to identify Maxis WiFi Hotspot areas.

How do I start using the Maxis WiFi Hotspot service?

Please follow the following startup steps:

  1. Register for Maxis WiFi Hotspot service by logging on to http://wlan1.maxis.com.my/registration/main.do?content_key=/ChooseAuth.jsp
  2. Click on "Details" in the monthly subscription table.
  3. Key in your details and your Maxis Wireless Broadband (MSISDN) number, and click "Request code" button.
  4. An SMS which contains the code will be sent to your Maxis Wireless Broadband number.
  5. Continue your registration by keying in the code and click for verification.
  6. Once verification is done, please proceed to key in your preferred ID and password and click on the "Subscribe" button.
  7. An SMS will be send to your Maxis Wireless Broadband number upon successful subscription.
  8. Whenever you are at Maxis WiFi Hotspot areas, you can get connected to Maxis WiFi Hotspot service using the ID and password.
How does the Unlimited Facebook Access work?

You will enjoy unlimited access to Facebook on the 28GB and 48GB plans, which means that your monthly allocated quota will not be deducted while accessing Facebook*. You will continue to enjoy normal internet speeds when you access Facebook, even after you have exceeded your monthly allocated quota. For the other websites, the speed will be throttled when you exceed the monthly allocated quota. You do not need to top up your quota to enjoy regular speeds for Facebook.

Note: The unlimited access to Facebook is only applicable for the below URL:

However, your subscribed quota will be deducted if you access any external videos or links within the above pages.

Who is eligible for these plans?

These plans are only available for new WBB customers only.

How long is the discount for?

The RM50 discount will be given for 12 months. If you sign up in between bill cycles, you will enjoy a pro-rated RM50 discount in month 1 & month 13 bill statements. 

Is this plan bundled with modem?

Yes it is. You will have to pay RM100 for a 4GB MiFi modem or receive a FREE 3G MiFi modem. In both cases, you will be contracted for 12 months. 

Is there an activation fee for these plans?

No, activation fee is no longer required.

Can I sign up this Promotional plan without a modem?

No, you are not allowed to do so.

Am I eligible for the RM10 Bolt-on rebate if I sign up for this Promo plan?

No, you are not eligible for the Bolt-on rebate.

How long is this Promotion?

It starts from 8 June 2016 until further notice.

Terms and Conditions

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