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What happens when I reach my Quota?

Every Wireless Broadband and Home Wireless Internet plan has a monthly quota limit. When you reach it, your broadband connection will be managed to a lower speed. The speed for the 3GB and 8GB plans will be managed to 64kbps. The other plans will be managed to 128kbps. You will see a notification page similar to the image below the next time you connect.


When your quota exceeds 80% of your quota volume, an SMS notification will be sent to your Can-Be-Reached (CBR) mobile number or your Wireless Broadband or Home Wireless Internet number as a reminder.

Not getting any notifications? Please update your number and email here.

How do I continue enjoying regular speed?

If you have reached your quota before the next bill cycle, you can enjoy surfing at normal speeds by purchasing additional Wireless Broadband or Home Wireless Internet quota.

Choose the option to Purchase Additional Quota and click to proceed for a Quota Top Up. You will be directed to your Broadband Account Summary where you may choose your preferred quota top up. You can choose from the table below. Quota Top Up is valid for 30 days upon purchase. Alternatively, you can sign in to MyAccount Portal to manage broadband account, or call 1800 82 2000 for both Wireless Broadband and Home Wireless Internet.

You may choose to leave the notification page at any time without proceeding to top up. However, your surfing speed will be managed until your next bill cycle. The speed for the 3GB and 8GB plans will be managed to 64kbps. The other plans will be managed to 128kbps.

Price Internet Quota
  (8am - 2am) (2am - 8am)
RM8 0.25GB
RM12 0.5GB
RM18 1GB
RM30 2GB
How to manage your account

How to manage your account

MyAccount Portal

You may access MyAccount Portal anytime, anywhere through any available internet access. This portal provides you the ability to manage and track your Wireless Broadband and Home Wireless Internet accounts. You are able to view or pay your bills, check payment and usage history and perform top ups. You will need to register to use MyAccount Portal.

Wireless Internet Online Account

In addition, you can manage your Wireless Broadband account via Wireless Internet Online Account when you are connected directly with the Wireless Broadband modem. You are able to check on your quota balance and usage patterns and you do not need to provide any login credentials as you are automatically connected. This currently only applies for Wireless Broadband.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP) for my Maxis Wireless Internet service? What happens if I exceed my FUP?

Fair Usage Policy (FUP) is to ensure all customers can get good browsing experience and to prevent abusers from hogging the bandwidth, which can impact other user experience.

If you have breached your allocated quota, your internet speed will be managed to ensure other users are not impacted.

How can I check my quota usage?

You can check your quota usage at Wireless Internet Online Account portal at You must be connected with your Wireless Broadband sim when you're accessing this portal.

Alternatively, you log in to MyAccount portal by visiting

What is Wireless Internet Online Account portal?

Wireless Internet Online Account portal is a self-help portal. You will be able to:

  • check and/or update your Can be Reached (CBR) number,
  • manage your billing,
  • upgrade/downgrade your package
  • check your quota usage
  • purchase quota
  • purchase International Data Roaming passes

What is MyAccount portal?

This portal is to ease managing your Home Wireless Internet account. You can:

  • manage your profile
  • track your internet usage
  • view, pay and track you bills
  • download Value Added Services such as Internet Security
  • upgrade or change your existing package
What will happen when I exceed my quota?

Once you reach around 300MB of your quota balance volume, you will receive a SMS notification on your Can-Be-Reached (CBR) mobile number or your Wireless Broadband number as a reminder.


If your base package is 1.5GB, you will receive your first SMS notification when your usage is at 1.2GB.

You will also receive another SMS on your mobile CBR or broadband number when your quota balance volume reached 0MB.

Once you exceeded your quota limit, your experience will be:

  • If you subscribe to package: 1.5GB RM48 or 4GB+4GB RM68 - your surfing speed will be throttled to a lower speed at 64kbps.
  • If you subscribe to package: 5GB+15GB RM88 or 7GB+21GB RM128 or 12GB+36GB RM158 - your surfing speed will be throttled to a lower speed at 128kbps.

To enjoy the normal service, please purchase additional quota via

How can I increase the quota given to me?

You can buy more quota via Quota Purchase through or via MyAccount portal which is accessible from

Please ensure you are connected to Maxis Broadband network using your Maxis Wireless Broadband sim when accessing this portal.

What is the available quota upgrade that I can purchase?

You may choose to purchase quota upgrade passes as offered below:


Quota upgrade Price
250MB RM8
500MB RM12
1GB RM18
2GB RM30

Off Peak

Quota upgrade Price
750MB RM8
1.5GB RM12
3GB RM18
6GB RM30

Validity: 30 Days

The speed will be based on your subscribed package speed.

Can I make calls, send SMS or MMS with this plan?

This plan provides a data-only plan.
However, you can send SMS via the Connection Manager (when used with a Maxis Broadband modem) and will be billed based on usage of RM0.05/SMS on-netRM0.15/SMS off-net and RM0.50/SMS for international SMS.
The pricing subject to change but valid at the point of selling. 
This is subjected to the device capability as well.

Can I use this service whilst roaming overseas?

Yes. However, you are advised to activate IDD and international roaming services first. To apply, please visit our nearest maxis centre. You'll be charged based on the applicable roaming charges.

How many times can I purchase an additional quota to increase my quota balance in a month?

You may purchase additional quota as many times as you want in a month.

How do I pay for the purchase of additional quota?

The charges for quota purchased will be billed into your next monthly statement.

Can I transfer unused quota balance to others?

No, quota cannot be transferred to another party.

I have 1GB of unused quota balance and I want to terminate the service. Will I get a refund?

No, quota is not exchangeable for cash or refund.