Logistics & Transportation

Maxis Built-for-SME Solution

With rising fuel costs and tighter margins, there’s increased competitive pressure in the logistics industry.

Maxis SME Logistics & Transportation Solutions provide you with end-to-end solutions from mobile to applications and software that are designed to ensure that your logistics business is running efficiently and in the most cost effective manner.

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How does it benefit my business?

The new Maxis SME Logistics & Transportation Solutions are built to make your logistics business better. Not just through our value-for-money call plans, but also the wide range of logistics solutions that can positively impact operations by improving key business processes that drive your business.

Read on to learn how we can help you spend less time in the back-end of business, so that you can spend more time marching your business forward.


Maxis Managed Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is the first and only self-managed web-based fleet management solution in Malaysia.

When combined with our 2G and 3G network – the widest and fastest in the country, you can monitor vehicles and perform remote diagnosis wherever you are.

Remote Tracking and Monitoring

Improve driver productivity based on real-time monitoring of your trucks anywhere, anytime through location-based tracking. By monitoring trip reports and tracking fuel consumption, you can reduce a driver’s overtime greatly and increase fuel efficiency.

Automatic Notifications

When your vehicle exits a pre-determined boundary, you will receive a notification alert. This allows you to generate an estimated time of arrival on deliveries. It also informs you of violations such as speeding, off-hour operations, off-zone violations, emergencies and more.


Gain greater visibility across your business, mitigate risk and reduce cost
Track vehicles from everywhere, and collect historic records of all fleet activity
Faster response time for any unexpected deliveries


Logistics and Warehouse Management System via Maxis Cloud's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is all you need to run back-end and business processes smoothly with the lowest capital expenditure. It offers overall operation visibility and efficiency.


For Logistics:

Account and contact management

Job status tracking

Purchase orders and vendor management

Automated receipts and documentations

Asset management (vehicles, etc)

Customised analysis reports

For Warehouse:

Product master file management – Create coding for each product

Job status tracking

Inventory and location management

FIFO control on product expiry

Customised analysis reports


Provision of a centralised database via Maxis Cloud which is accessible 24/7 online
Provision of real-time information
Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of warehouse, transport and inventory management
Enhances and expands the entire logistics and distribution of the company

Fixed Line Saver

Fixed Line Saver enables you to enjoy the savings offered by Maxis mobile rate plans with your office fixed line phone. As calls between company lines, whether fixed or mobile, within one office location or between branches are all FREE up to 38 hours, you can maximise savings on your company’s monthly phone expenses.


Save up to 40% on your company’s phone bill

Up to 100% discount on your monthly installment fee

One-for-one replacement unit under the standard
    manufacturer’s defect warranty

Unity Hotline

FREE with Fixed Line Saver

Unity Hotline allows you to distribute up to 30 concurrent incoming calls to a maximum of 100 Maxis mobile lines from one business number (1700/017/0X). This means no call waiting. You can also call out with this official business number. That means handling more business in one simple step.


Enjoy hunting line capabilities

Never miss a call as your business with offices at different locations
    are all connected to one business number

Display the official business number when calling out
   (Dial *9-number to make outgoing calls)